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We are located on the North side of 2nd Ave between Columbia St. and Manitoba St. in Olympic Village, Vancouver

Prior to your visit, we recommend you submit the following documents: 

  1. New patient oncology intake form

  2. Original, and any subsequent, pathology report(s)

  3. Recent blood work results (up to 3 of the most recent)

  4. Recent imaging reports (up to 3-5 of the most recent: CT, MRI, PET, ultrasound, mammogram etc. or any genomic profiling

  5. Doctors notes, if possible/available

These documents can be provided via fax, email, scan or in person. If you have questions, please call us to clarify. If unable to submit these documents prior to or at the time of your consultation, you can proceed with the intake & consult but treatment planning may be delayed. It is recommended that you plan to bring a care giver or family member to your consultation for support and extra brain power!

At your initial consultation, Dr. Moore will sit down with you for approximately 45-60minutes. Your intake forms and medical records will be reviewed. You will be asked questions about your health goals, how cancer has manifested in your life, how cancer or cancer treatment has affected your quality of life and what treatments you have already undergone or are currently undergoing. Appropriate physical exams may be performed, and lab work may be prescribed. In some cases, initial treatment recommendations may be provided during your initial consultation. Depending on your needs, Dr. Moore may also wait until the next visit to do comprehensive treatment planning. This allows for laboratory results to be reviewed and for Dr. Moore to make initial contact with your oncologist, if you would like. 

At your next visit your treatment plan will be provided, discussed and clarified. A written copy will be provided to you. You will then have the opportunity to discuss scheduling options moving forward.

Fee Schedule:  

Initial consultation: $300.00      

60 min follow up oncology: $235

45 min follow up oncology: $165

30 min follow up oncology: $125

15 min follow up oncology: $90

Call us at 604 670 0590 to ask questions or schedule an appointment
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